One of the amazing things we taught was basic hygiene routine and some basic farm animals that they were accustomed to.

There, we taught the kids on how and when to wash their hands thoroughly . We had a basin of water, some soap and got them into groups to practice. While it may seem basic, it does not seem like handwashing was inculcated in their culture. We thought it was an imperative habit given their constant interaction with earth and animals in farm-living conditions. Some were excited to see soap bubbling on their hands and some were happy to have soapy smelling hands!

For us, it is important to have their hands washed properly as some of the activities we were going to have includes touching food and paint.

We had an art and craft segment where the children were given a banana and some Pocky sticks for them to create their favourite animal with. Then, they could enjoy their food. Just to be sure, we had them wearing gloves for that! We would feel so bad if any of them were to fall ill. 


Then, we had painting session. This definitely brought out the mischief in some kids as they tried to paint their friends and some were overzealous they accidentally spilled the water in the bowl. Some were shy to touch the paint thanks to their overwhelmingly energetic friends! At the end of the day, everyone had a great time expressing their creativity on the blank canvas. It would have been better if the paint were water based though. It would have been much less sticky and easier to clean.


We managed to teach them some common fruits and the ABC. This was probably the hardest thing to teach because they had no exposure to the English language world! We managed to draw some fruits and broke them in syllables, then revisit the ABC in our evening programmes. Just hoping they would remember!