PROJECT PEDULI: OPERATION LEUSER was initiated by Majulah Community and executed in collaboration with IUVA: Nature for Change.

In 2016, Majulah conducted conservation and reforestation trips to Sumatra in response to the blazoned haze that affected all neighbouring countries. It was a way to give back to nature considering climate change. Together with a team of youth volunteers from all walks of life, they planted seedlings, learnt about the ecosystem and spread awareness about climate change to the villagers.

Having once visited Sumatra, Majulah became aware of the environmental-political situation overseas in Sumatra. Leuser is a 2.6 million hectares rainforest and is highly endangered with accelerating threats concerning its nature and environment. 



Located near the borders of the Aceh provinces, in the North tip of Sumatra, is the Taman Leuser National Park. It covers a vast area of 7,927km2 of mostly mountainous regions. Together with Bukit Barisan Selatan and Kerinci Seblat National Parks, the park forms the World Heritage Sites under the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra.

Taman Leuser National Park protects a wide range of ecosystems and is known for its rich biodiversity. Formerly known as the 'Emerald Island', the lush forest landscape in the Leuser ecosystem is home to the densest remaining populations of the critically endangered Sumatran orang-utan.

The threat that the Leuser ecosystem now faces lies in the skyrocketing global demand for palm oil supplies. This has ridiculously pushed industrial plantations deeper into the heart of the rainforest causing the alteration and destruction of the habitat for wildlife. In addition to the oil palm plantations, other issues faced by the park include illegal logging, mining and poaching.

Having understood this problem and its long-term consequences towards our planet, Majulah aims to raise awareness on the plight of the rainforest and work together with the local NGOs in Sumatra to assist in tackling the issue on the ground.