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A Mentoring Programme Aimed At Empowering Youths

about programme



This programme aims to engage first year NITEC and Higher NITEC Malay/Muslim students to:

  1. Enhance their motivation to strive for the highest possible qualifications whilst at ITE
  2. Strengthen their life skills and help them discover their gifts and strengths through the Gift Centred Mentoring (GCM) approach
  3. Provide and bridge students to opportunities to acquire core 21st Century skills



The programme aims to support and journey with the Sec 3 and Sec 4 NA/NT students enrolled in the Mendaki Tuition Scheme to:

  1. Enhance their motivation to succeed in their academic pursuit
  2. Refer those who are facing problems (e.g. financial difficulties) to necessary and relevant assistance
  3. Provide guidance for them to make better-informed decisions for their future education pathways  



  • Building Grit (resilience and emotional strength)
  • Increase in esteem and confidence


  • Improvement in interpersonal skills
  • Better at navigating school and life


  • Awareness of future pathways
  • Increase rates of graduation


Gift Centred Mentoring

Gift-Centred Mentoring (GCM) focuses on the unique individual gifts of mentees that are waiting to be discovered and continually nurtured. Apart from developing their gifts, particular attention is placed on identifying and caring for the wounds of mentees. By celebrating the strengths of their gifts and acknowledging their wounds, mentees will be able to fully leverage on their mentorships and achieve milestones in their lives.

Every #ampowered mentor will get the opportunity to attend a series of free GCM trainings conducted by Mendaki’s Youth Mentoring Office (YMO) to equip you with the mentoring skills you need. 

Mentor-Mentee Matching

For greater rapport and mentoring, each mentor will be paired to 1-2 mentees throughout the programme. The mentor-mentee matching is done through a few levels of criteria. 

  1. By gender


  2. By the similar education background or interest of the mentors to the mentees


  3. By mentees preference


  4. By the rapport built after the first session

Mass Mentoring

Mass mentoring sessions (also known as Community Building Sessions) are planned and conducted by the Programme Managers for both mentors and mentees. 

These sessions are filled with activities and exercises that can guide the youths to grow in character, interpersonal skills and improve their mindset.

Sessions may be held physically at external venues (separated by the ITE schools and MTS venues) or virtually via zoom.

Group & Personal Mentoring

Group-based mentoring sessions are planned and conducted by mentors with assistance from Programme Managers. These smaller sessions allow for greater rapport and sharing of thoughts. 

The mode of conduct of these sessions can be decided by the mentors themselves (i.e. physical meet-ups, virtual, phone call* etc.)

*as per guidelines provided


Mentor Criteria



  • Above 21 yrs old
  • Can commit to 2 sessions a month:
    • 1 x mass session
    • 1 x group/personal mentoring
  • Starts in April to December 2022
  • Experience in mentoring and ITE background is a plus



  • Above 17 yrs old
  • Can commit to 2 sessions a month:
    • 1 x mass session
    • 1 x personal mentoring
  • Starts in March to November 2022

Mentor Training and Briefing

Every new and recurring mentors will have to go through the Gift Centred Mentoring training consisting of:

Module 1: Online Self-Paced Video and Quiz
Module 2: Virtual live workshop
*Dates to be confirmed. Mentors will be able to choose available dates for Module 2 after registration

After completing the Gift Centred Mentoring training, all mentors will be required to attend Pre-Programme Session Briefing for further details on programme Community Building Session and Personal Mentoring.

Resources Available

All materials from Mass Sessions

Guidebook and handouts for Personal Mentoring Sessions

EPerks for mentors and mentees



The mentees are first year NITEC/Higher NITEC Malay/Muslim students aged 17-18 who lack social capital and face family and/or financial issues. Outreach to the ITE Colleges have been done since January 2022 to get sign ups for the students to be a part of the programme. A portion of the students are also recipients of the financial support provided by Yayasan Mendaki. Further details of the student profiles will be provided during the session briefings.

The mentees are Malay/Muslim Secondary School students from various schools. They are
Secondary 3 and 4 students of NA/NT streams enrolled in the Mendaki Tuition Scheme (MTS), which is
a free academic tuition programme for low-income families to assist them to do well in their academics and reduce rates of drop-out from school. The students may lack social capital and face family and/or financial issues. The students will attend the tuition programme and continue with a mentoring session at the end of the tuition. Further details of the student profiles will be provided during the session briefings.

Yes! Most of the sessions take place on the weekends. 

For #ampowered@ITE, the Community Building Sessions (mass mentoring) run on weekends, whereas the Personal Mentoring sessions can be scheduled based on your availability and the student’s availability.

Our amPowered@MTS programme sessions generally run on Saturday afternoons as per the
MTS schedule dates given.

However, if you are unable to make it to certain dates for either programmes, do let the Programme Managers and/or Coordinators know.

We currently do not have monetary compensation for the volunteer mentors. However, mentors can make claims for transport and meal costs from your Personal Mentoring sessions to respective Programme Managers and/or Coordinators. 

All mentors and mentees will be a part of EPerks, our Programme Rewards System where we giveaway vouchers to mentors and mentees who accumulated points for completing milestones and activities as part of their Programme journey. 

We are also able to provide letters and certificates of completion detailing your volunteering commitment and duration, should you require this. 

programme format

9 months from April 2022 to December 2022
No. of Mentors
40 mentors
No. of Mentees
80 students
Ratio of Mentor to Mentee
1:2 max
Mentoring Groups
2 Mentors + 4 Mentees


Community Building Sessions

Mass sessions planned by Programme Managers for both mentors and mentees

  1. Sessions will be held on weekday evenings or weekends over 1-1.5 hours long
  2. Dates and Time for Community Building sessions will be confirmed before Programme starts
  3. Sessions may be held physically at external venue (separated by ITE schools) or virtually
personal mentoring sessions
  • Group-based mentoring sessions planned by mentors with assistance from Programme Managers
  • Sessions will be 1 hour long
  • Mentoring arrangements will be made and determined by individual mentoring groups
    • Physical, virtual, phone call*
  • Personal Mentoring will need to happen within two weeks of Community Building Sessions

*as per guidelines provided

Mentors and Mentees will complete at least 14 Community Building and Personal Mentoring sessions, or 75% attendance in the course of 9 months.

Purpose of Mentoring

Enhance levels of esteem and confidence

Create better attitudes towards education and school

Improve interpersonal skills and relationships

Increase rates of graduation


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Group mentoring

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Group mentoring


Mentoring for youth-at-risk


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